Creativity is our Idol!

We are a CREATIVE bunch! Always striving to achieve the unachievable. To break all the barriers, and push all the envelops. We recognize the needs of each individual client. Our web and graphic designers provide solutions that result in positive business outcomes, regardless of size or scope. We focus on optimizing our websites for search engines and employ practical usability for easy client usage. We are certified from both Google and Bing. Let's face it, carving a way to success is no piece of cake, but we have managed to establish a name for ourselves and we want to help you.

Our History

"Spelenzo" was established in 2012 as an advertising agency based in Egypt and has been growing in the market ever since. We have branches in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. We specialize in business-to-business solutions. Our dedicated team has the experience, knowledge and passion to create effective online presence for your business at an affordable rate. We are trained to be globally competitive and highly skilled. We take pride in our honest approach of doing business. Accomplishing big things takes a lot of trust from our clients, partners and staff, and we work hard to always be straightforward and clear in everything we do.

We have complete confidence that we will deliver exactly what we need — and better"

Our Vision

Spelenzo was built with outstanding execution and uncompromising dedication To affect long-term community improvement through all digital marketing technologies while leading the Marketing field in the Middle East.

Our Mission

We bring your brand to the forefront through innovative thinking, technologies, tools.. etc. We are a creative team with backgrounds across the media and marketing industry, that have come together to help clients create engaging solutions which fully integrate with the bigger picture.

Our Values

  • Staying outside the box.
  • We're passionate about what we do.
  • Creativity is needed, but being smart is a must too.
  • We aspire to becoming a trusted advisor to each of our clients.
  • We believe in becoming invested in each client's success.
  • We aspire towards continuous improvement in all we do.